Emerging as the de facto standard for electric vehicle batteries.CARBOTRON P Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries

Kureha developed CARBOTRON P more than two decades ago, based on production technologies for activated carbon derived from petroleum pitch. High durability and reliability, allowing charge-discharge cycles thousands of times, has led to growing demand both in Japan and overseas for CARBOTRON P as an anode material for electric vehicle batteries.


  • Superior input-output properties: Low impedance of the electrode permits rapid charging and discharging. Material exhibits good input-output characteristics even in low temperatures.
  • High durability and reliability: Maintains good electroconductivity, with minimal expansion or contraction of the electrode even after repeated charge-discharge cycles.
  • Can also be used for lithium-ion capacitors

Storage schematics for lithium ions

Storage schematics for lithium ions

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