Kureha Group’s CSR

Integrating CSR into corporate management and business strategy helps improve corporate value and strengthen the company's  competitiveness, and contributes to building a sustainable society. In accordance with our Corporate Philosophy and the Basic Policy on CSR, we will be carrying out CSR management.

Kureha Group Basic Policy on CSR

We will firmly adhere to the Employee Code of Conduct, practice the Corporate Philosophy, and continue to embrace challenge while aspiring to be an excellent company in our global business operations, social activities, and Responsible Care initiatives.

CSR Initiatives

In order for the Company to sustain growth, it must constantly and appropriately respond to various changes in today's globalized society. To keep up with those changes, it is important for us to maintain a dialogue with our stakeholders, listen to their opinions, and make sure they are reflected in the Company's management.
The Kureha Group’s business focuses mainly on the chemical industry, with a special focus on Responsible Care activities, contributing to local communities, and human resource development. The group will continue to further develop its CSR activities in order to remain a company trusted and valued by society.

CSR Activities

In order to step up our CSR initiatives, in fiscal 2016 we made progress in building the CSR Management System based on the international standard ISO 26000 - Guidance on Social Responsibility. This took the form of identifying material issues that we would prioritize in various CSR issues relating to our business activities. Starting this fiscal year, we will be carrying out the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle and making continuous improvements with a focus on these issues.
We are also giving attention to activities aimed at promoting a better understanding of CSR. For example, we conducted internal CSR seminars at different business sites. To complement these seminars, we made use of various media that included CSR Report and company newsletters. For the Company's president and officers, we conducted a CSR Internal Symposium. Run by an outside coordinator, the event was a conduit for an active exchange of views on the present and future of our CSR management.
Sharing information and keeping up a dialogue with our stakeholders are essential for informing them and giving them a better understanding of the company's efforts — which also give us an opportunity to re-examine these efforts and make improvements. In our activities going forward, we will make the most of the comments and opinions these people share with us through many opportunities that include CSR Local Dialogue Meetings and CSR Report.
Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen our efforts as the Kureha Group while making a concerted effort group-wide to make society more sustainable.

CSR Activities