Responsible Care®

Responsible Care

Kureha, an inaugural member of the Japan Responsible Care Council founded in 1995, continues to pursue Responsible Care initiatives to improve health, safety and environmental performance throughout its operations. We regard our commitment to Responsible Care as an integral part of our corporate responsibility.

The Kureha Group, under the direction of the All Kureha CSR Committee, strives to improve its performance in terms of environmental protection, security and disaster response, labor safety and health, product safety and quality assurance, logistic safety, energy conservation and community relations.
In line with ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management, ISO 9001 for product quality management as well as OHSAS 18001 for labor safety and hygiene management, the Company’s responsible care activities are continually enhanced through a“ plan, do, check, act” activity cycle.

Responsible Care®

Environmental Report

The Kureha Group is actively engaged in efforts that take into consideration the various effects on the environment, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, prevention of air pollution, prevention of water pollution, and reduction of industrial waste discharge volumes, etc.