Labor Safety and Health

At the Iwaki Factory, all safety activities the 5S campaign for executing Seiri (streaming), Seiton (organizing), Seiketsu (hygiene), Seisou (cleaning), and Shituke (discipline), the pointing and calling campaign, risk prediction activities, etc. have been deployed under the supervision of the Accident Prevention Committee and the Safety and Health Committee. In addition, beginning in FY2004, the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS18001) was introduced and incorporated into the workplace to ensure safety. In FY2013, our ongoing risk assessment was strengthened under the program called“ Campaign to Reduce the Risk of Personal Accident Occurrence”, in which many potential risks were extracted and addressed by improving our facilities. This program has been extended for another three years and is still ongoing to make additional safety improvements.
Similarly, at the Plastics Processing Factory“, Campaign to Reduce the Risk of Personal Accident Occurrence”was promoted since FY2013. Risk prediction sessions, participation in safety facility experience education, and safety and health patrols are continuing.

Skills Training Center

At the Iwaki Factory, efforts are made to boost awareness of safety and disaster prevention, and labor safety and health, at both the Group companies and cooperating companies, for unified effects at reducing labor disasters and accidents. As part of these efforts, the Skills Training Center where simulated risks can be experienced was opened in November 2005.
In FY2018, rescue experiential training and first-aid experiential training was implemented targeting the employees at the Iwaki Factory, and in Group companies, with about 1,200 persons receiving training. Safety education was also performed at plant sites other than the Iwaki district, at Group companies, and at nearby corporations and group organizations, for anyone desiring the experience. The total number of users at Kureha and Group companies, from the outset until end-March 2019, was about 38,000 persons.
New experiential training is being considered, to bring even more persons into training in the future.

  • Skills Training Center
    Skills Training Center
  • First-aid experiential training
    First-aid experiential training