Communication about Risk

Local Community Engagement

CSR Local Dialogue Meeting

We have conducted CSR Local Dialogue Meetings in the Iwaki region once a year since 2003. Through these meetings, we aim to gain the trust of the community by informing them about our efforts to promote safety in the Kureha Group's business activities and better mutual understanding.
The 17th meeting was held in fiscal 2019 and was attended by 131 people, among whom were local residents and members of nearby companies and local government.

In fiscal 2020, we decided to conduct meetings through written correspondence of explanatory materials, etc., due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency Support, Support for Measures against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Agreement with Omitama City of Ibaraki Prefecture

In October 2017, Omitama City and our Plastics Processing Factory signed an agreement to supply daily necessities in the event of a disaster. In case of an earthquake or other disaster in the Omitama City area, we will provide our household products at the request of the City to help people get their lives back to normal and assist with recovery.

Agreement with Fukushima Prefecture

In February 2018, Fukushima Prefecture and the Iwaki Factory signed an agreement regarding the procurement of supplies in the event of a disaster. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure supplies can be promptly and seamlessly requested and supplied in the event of a large-scale disaster or an armed attack. By supplying products such as our NEW Krewrap, we want to help people get their lives back to normal and assist with reconstruction.