Social Activities

Educational Support

As a chemical company, we wish to convey the joys and wonders of chemistry to our youth, who are our future, in the hopes that some will take a special interest and go on to develop our sustainable society. To do this, we are actively working to educate the next generation.

Overview of Educational Support

We conduct science classes and plant tours for nearby elementary school students in the city of Iwaki. These opportunities convey the fun of science to children and open their eyes to future career possibilities.
For middle school and high school students, we offer internships that provide the experience of doing a job. They learn about the hardships of “Monozukuri” and the differences between a school and a company.

Supporting Elementary School Science Classes: Teaching kids that chemistry is fun!
(Canceled in fiscal 2020 due to the pandemic.)

Since fiscal 1999, the Iwaki Factory has held science classes for elementary schoolers to show them that science can be fun. We have had a cumulative total of 2,847 students over 22 years. Currently, we have our younger tech employees make the lesson plans, giving factory tours to fifth graders and real science labs to sixth graders.

  • Factory tour (fiscal 2019)
    Factory tour
    (fiscal 2019)
  • Science lab (fiscal 2019)
    Science lab
    (fiscal 2019)

Sponsored Dr. Shirakawa's Science Experiment Class
(Lab postponed in fiscal 2020 due to the pandemic.)

Since fiscal 2017, we have been supporting science experiment classes by Dr. Hideki Shirakawa (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2000) for elementary, middle, and high school students all over the country to convey the wonders and fun of chemistry. After learning the mechanism of electrically conductive plastic, each participant makes a transparent speaker using a membrane made by applying a conductive plastic layer to Kureha's KF Piezo film.

  • Hideki Shirakawa giving a lecture
    Hideki Shirakawa giving a lecture
  • Hamagin Space Science Center (Yokohama) Dr. Shirakawa's science experiment class (fiscal 2019)
    Hamagin Space Science Center (Yokohama)
    Dr. Shirakawa's science experiment class (fiscal 2019)

Culture and Sports Exchange

Kureha engages in various culture and sports exchanges so that local communities, group companies, and employees can contribute to the development of the region while sharing positive communication.

All Kureha Sports Festival
(Canceled in fiscal 2020 due to the pandemic.)

We hold our own sports festival every year in the Iwaki Factory area to promote fellowship between Kureha Group employees and their families, and deepen ties with everyone in the local community. We celebrated our 18th festival in fiscal 2019. Approximately 2,000 invitees participated, including officials from neighboring districts, shop associations, and Nakoso Elementary and Middle Schools.

All Kureha Sports Festival (fiscal 2019)
All Kureha Sports Festival
(fiscal 2019)

Iwaki Odori
(Canceled in fiscal 2020 due to the pandemic.)

Iwaki Odori is a traditional public dance event held in the city of Iwaki every summer. The Iwaki Factory and Kureha Group companies participate in this event as members of the community every year. Mostly new employees, together with executive officers, interacted with other members of the community.

Iwaki Odori (fiscal 2019)
Iwaki Odori
(fiscal 2019)

Volunteering and Donating

Pink Ribbon Support Activities

Currently, one out of nine Japanese women will get breast cancer*, however with early detection and treatment, one can expect a good prognosis. Kureha wants to help every woman live a happier and healthier life. Therefore, we have put the pink ribbon mark on our NEW Krewrap and Kichinto-San products and donated a part of sales to the Japan Cancer Society's “Smile Fund” since 2009 and 2010, respectively.

  • * Source - “Latest Cancer Statistics” (updated February 10, 2021), published by the Center for Cancer Control and Information Service, a part of the National Cancer Center
Pink Ribbon Support Activities

Bellmark Campaign

Since 1996, Kureha has cooperated with the Bellmark campaign* through NEW Krewrap, supporting educational institutions and welfare organizations. Kureha has also participated in the Bellmark Campaign Seminar, an event organized by the Bellmark Foundation, since 2014. At the events, Kureha talks about its activities and interacts with other participants.
* Bellmark campaign: An education support campaign launched in 1960 by the Education Equipment Support Foundation (currently Bellmark Foundation), which was established by approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in response to a call to “provide every child with equal access to education in an enriching environment.”

  • ベルマーク活動
  • Bellmark Campaign Seminar (fiscal 2019)
    Bellmark Campaign Seminar
    (fiscal 2019)