Contributing to the Community Through Medical Care

Kureha General Hospital

Kureha General Hospital was established in 1935 as a clinic associated with Showa Jinken Co., Ltd.'s Nishiki Factory (currently Kureha Iwaki Factory). From 1951, it was open not only to employees but also the general public. In 1972, it became independent as Kureha-kai Medical Corporation (Kureha General Hospital). As a core hospital in the southern sector of Iwaki City, it works closely with the community to provide high-quality holistic medical care including not only treatment of illnesses, but also palliative care. Then, in 1983, it opened a health management center inside the hospital, which not only conducts general health exams, but also various tests using the latest medical equipment according to the needs of the community. In 2008, taking on part of the geriatric healthcare needs of Iwaki City, it opened a nursing home called “Gardenia” adjacent to the hospital, where nursing and long-term care is given under the guidance of doctors, and specialists provide rehabilitation. Kureha-kai Medical Corporation aims to develop the region into a place where people can live with security by following our basic policy of “contributing to the community through healthcare, long-term care, and health management.”

  • Geriatric health care services facility “Gardenia”
    Geriatric health care services facility “Gardenia”
  • Kureha General Hospital
    Kureha General Hospital