Stakeholder Engagement

Promoting Dialogue with Stakeholders

As corporate activities globalize, stakeholders demand more social responsibility from corporations, so building and maintaining relationships of trust by taking various opportunities for dialogue is positioned as an important factor in improving corporate value.
We at Kureha Group take all the requests and concerns of our neighbors into consideration as we contribute to the development of a sustainable society, by promoting dialogue with our important stakeholders, whether they be shareholders and investors, customers and clients, business partners, employees, the general public, local communities, government agencies, or industry groups.

Stakeholder Main Representative Department Method of Communication Frequency
Shareholders & Investors General Affairs Department
Public and Investor Relations
Annual General Shareholders' Meeting Annual
Briefings for securities analysts and institutional investors Several times
per year
Events for private investors Several times
per year
Customers & Clients Sales Department
Quality Assurance Department
Customer Support Center Any time
Customer events Several times
per year
Exhibitions Several times
per year
Daily communications Any time
Business Partners
(procurement sources,
Procurement Department
Sales Department
Quality Assurance Department
Supplier audits Annual
CSR surveys Annual
Daily communications Any time
Employees HR Department
General Affairs Department
Labor-management consultations, Health and Safety Committee Meetings At least once a month
Performance evaluation interviews, self-assessment system Two times
per year
Daily communications Any time
General Public General Affairs Department Factory tours, volunteering Several times
per year
Educational sponsorships Annual
Local Community General Affairs Department
Environment / Safety Department
CSR Local Dialogue Meeting Annual
Cultural, academic, and sports exchanges Several times
per year
Factory tours Several times
per year
Volunteering Several times
per year
Emergency training Several times
per year
Government Agencies
Industry Groups
General Affairs Department
HR Department
Planning Department
Technology Department
Compliance with laws and regulations Any time
Participation in councils, discussions, etc. Any time