Human Rights Efforts

Human Rights Policy

Since establishing the Kureha Group Ethical Charter (hereinafter, “the Charter”) in 2003, we have been engaged in activities that honor the human rights of our employees, consumers and customers, local communities, business partners, and other stakeholders in all aspects of our business activities.
In November 2020, according to the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (an international standard approved by the UN in 2011 to address human rights issues) and the Japan Business Federation's Charter of Corporate Behavior, which was revised in 2017 based on the Guiding Principles, we established our policy on respect for human rights as a new item in the Charter and expressed our support for the UN's Guiding Principles.

We will be a company that contributes to the development of a sustainable society, and aim to be widely trusted, by demonstrating our sense of responsibility and respect for human rights through concrete efforts taken by all members of the Group.

Concrete Efforts

The Compliance Code of Conduct, the operation guide of the Charter, describes concrete efforts related to respecting human rights which we work to spread to our employees.

Compliance Code of Conduct (excerpt)

2. We respect the human rights of all people affected by our corporate activities.

  1. Understand and Respect Human Rights
    (a) We understand and respect international norms on internationally-recognized human rights.
    (b) When there is a disparity between the international norm and the standard required in a country or region, we strive for whichever is the higher standard.
  2. Work to Respect Human Rights
    (a) We respect human rights and work to not violate them in our corporate activities.
    (b) We take appropriate corrective action when a negative impact on human rights becomes apparent in our corporate activities.
  3. Contribute to Building an Inclusive Society
    (a) We contribute to building an inclusive society by supporting independence for socially vulnerable people who are susceptible to human rights violations.