Purchasing and Procurement

Under our Procurement Policy, we conduct our purchasing and procurement activities in accordance with our CSR Procurement Guidelines and request our business partners to conform to them, too. We also formulated a Green Procurement Guideline so as to advance the usage of safer and more eco-friendly materials and products. This guideline is kept updated in response to changes in environmental laws.

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

  1. We select our suppliers fairly, based on a rational economic analysis of quality, price, supply stability, after-sales service, technical capabilities, and CSR initiatives
  2. When selecting suppliers, we open a wide range of contact points regardless of existing suppliers or past performance
  3. We comply with relevant laws when making purchases
  4. We aim to build relationships of fairness, cooperation, and equality, and improve mutual understanding and trust with all of our suppliers
  5. We work to maintain and improve the quality of purchased products in collaboration with suppliers
  6. We stand against corruption by refusing any private or personal relationships of interest with our suppliers

CSR Procurement Guidelines

CSR Procurement Guidelines

1. Human Rights and Labor

  1. Respect basic human rights
  2. Do not engage in unfair discrimination with respect to employee compensation, benefits, hiring, etc.

2. Occupational Health and Safety

  1. Identify dangerous/hazardous factors and take appropriate measures
  2. Formulate emergency response measures and familiarize employees with them

3. Environment

  1. Try to use raw materials and parts that have minimal environmental impact
  2. Properly manage specified chemical substances
  3. Properly dispose of industrial waste

4. Fair Trade

  1. Do not engage in the improper giving or receiving of benefits
  2. Do not abuse positions of authority to disadvantage others
  3. Provide accurate information about Kureha's products, services, and business methods
  4. Observe laws, social norms, and company regulations applicable to our business activities

5. Product Quality and Safety

  1. Build and utilize a quality management system

6. Information Security

  1. Properly manage confidential and personal data

7. Contribution to Society

  1. Engage in activities that contribute to the development of the international community and local communities

Purchases and Procurements

CSR Survey

To reduce CSR risk in the supply chain, we began surveying our business partners via a check list in fiscal 2017. Each year we determine which companies to survey based on the volume of business we had with them.

Conflict Minerals and Mica

We view conflict minerals (e.g., gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin, and cobalt) as an important issue concerning human rights. Also, new measures have been required to solve the problem of child labor regarding mica mining in India. So, we have built a system for ensuring that these minerals and raw materials containing these minerals are not used in our products.