Shine-Up Seminar

We have been conducting Shine-Up Seminars since fiscal 2017. The seminars help female employees demonstrate their full potential and take more active roles. Participants get the opportunity to review their strengths, share their values with other employees, and reconsider their own career plans.

Employment of People with Disabilities

In 2014, we established a special subsidiary, Sunshine Kureha, to help people with disabilities participate in society independently.

FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
Employment rate (%) 2.36 2.24 2.38
Statutory employment rate (%) 2.20 2.30

Senior Seminar

We started hosting Senior Seminars in fiscal 2018. The purpose of the seminars is for older employees with extensive knowledge, experience, and skills to grow and enhance their capabilities further. Participants study about their upcoming life changes, such as their surroundings and family budgets, then think over what type of future they want to aim for.