Promoting Good Health

Basic Policy on Health and Promotion

Kureha established a Basic Policy on Health and is working to increase health awareness among employees. We help employees maintain good mental and physical health by encouraging examinations of lifestyle along with the prevention and early detection of stress-related diseases.

Basic Policy on Health

Based on the belief that good employee health is essential for corporate growth, Kureha works with the Health Insurance Society to support employees' efforts to maintain and improve their own health.

Environment to Promote Health

Through Healthcare Promotion Meetings, established in conjunction with the Health Insurance Society, Kureha supervises every aspect of health management throughout the company. Kureha also works with the Health Insurance Society to monitor, maintain, and improve the health of employees at the company's business sites, while taking measures to improve the workplace environment and occupational safety.

Health Care

In addition to conducting regular physical examinations, guidance about lifestyle-related diseases is provided by public health nurses as necessary. We also hold walking events sponsored by the Health Insurance Society and invite instructors from outside the company to give exercise classes at the workplace.

Exercise class (fiscal 2019)
Exercise class (fiscal 2019)

Mental Health

We are also turning our eyes to mental health. For example, we regularly check levels of stress to prevent mental problems among employees, provide mental health seminars and offer internal consulting services with doctors. In addition, for employees on leave for mental health issues, it is easy for them to return to work.