Social Initiatives

Community Relations

Community relations In pursuing a “harmonious coexistence with the community”, Kureha strives to maintain active communication with local communities and is dedicated to their development and success. Kureha publishes a newsletter“ Nishiki” to promote interactive communication with local communities, which includes the report on Kureha’s environmental and safety initiatives and activities and also voices and requests from local communities.

CSR Local Dialogue Meeting

CSR Local Dialogue Meeting
CSR Local Dialogue Meeting

We have conducted CSR Local Dialogue Meetings in the Iwaki region once a year since 2003. Through these meetings, we aim to gain the trust of the community by informing them about our efforts to promote safety in the Kureha Group’s business activities and better mutual understanding.The 16th meeting was held in fiscal 2018 and was attended by 137 people, among whom were local residents, members of nearby companies and local government.

Senior Seminar

We started hosting Senior Seminars in fiscal 2018. The purpose of the seminars is for older employees with extensive knowledge, experi-ence, and skills to grow and enhance their capabilities further. Partici-pants studied about their upcoming life changes, such as their surroundings and family budgets, then thought over what type of future they wanted to aim for.

Social Contribution

Emergency Support

In fiscal 2017 we signed cooperation agreements with local governments (Fukushima Prefecture and Omitama City of Ibaraki Prefecture).
These agreements were signed to ensure supplies could be promptly and seamlessly requested and supplied in the event of a disaster. When a disaster strikes, we provide our household products such as NEW Krewrap to help people get their lives back to normal and assist with recovery.

Educational Support

Science class
Science class

We conduct science classes and plant tours for nearby elementary school students in the city of Iwaki. These opportunities communicate the fun of science to children and open their eyes to future career possibilities.
For middle school and high school students, we offer internships that provide the experience of doing a job. They learn about the hardships of “Monozukuri” and the differences between a school and a company.

Human Rights Policy

By Kureha Group Ethical Charter, Kureha reiterates its stance and responsibilities to respect human rights and its resolve to continually act on social expectations. We will further promote initiatives to protect human rights throughout the Group and aim to become a highly trusted enterprise contributing to a sustainable society.

Kureha Group Ethical Charter

Kureha formulated the Kureha Group Ethical Charter in 2003 and has since conducted its corporate activities with respect for human rights of its employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, community members and other stakeholders.
To support and comply with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights endorsed by the United Nations in 2011 as well as Japan Business Federation’s Charter of Corporate Behavior thereby revised in 2017, Kureha has updated its Ethical Charter by adding a clear statement of its policy on human rights in 2020.

Kureha Group Ethical Charter

In accordance with the following nine principles, Kureha commits to acting in a manner that is sympathetic to society and in compliance with the laws of Japan and other countries in which it operates.
The company’s top management recognizes that it is their role to realize the spirit of the Group Ethical Charter, and ensure its implementation. In the case of any violations, Kureha’s management will attempt to resolve those problems, eradicate the cause, prevent recurrence, release relevant information to the public, and implement appropriate punishment wherever necessary without exception. All of Kureha’s employees will proactively act in accordance with this Group Ethical Charter throughout their daily lives.

  1. We develop and provide safe and socially valuable products and services to respond to the needs of society.
  2. We respect the human rights of all people affected by our corporate activities.
  3. We work to protect the global environment and ensure the safety and health of the public.
  4. We value extensive dialogue with society and will provide useful, accurate and timely corporate information.
  5. We respect the local community and will actively contribute to its development.
  6. We comply with rules of fair competition.
  7. We maintain transparent and healthy relations within the political and governmental sphere.
  8. We act as a responsible corporate citizen.
  9. We work to create a corporate environment that promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Revised as of November 1, 2020

Related actions

Kureha revised its Employees Code of Conduct that describes standards of behavior required for Kureha employees under the Ethical Charter.

Employees Code of Conduct [extract]

2. We respect the human rights of all people affected by our corporate activities.

  1. Understand and Respect Human Rights
    (a) We understand and respect international norms on internationally-recognized human rights.
    (b) When there is a disparity between the international norm and the standard required in a country or region, we strive for whichever is the higher standard.
  2. Work to Respect Human Rights
    (a) We respect human rights and work to not violate them in our corporate activities.
    (b) We take appropriate corrective action when a negative impact on human rights becomes apparent in our corporate activities.
  3. Contribute to Building an Inclusive Society
    (a) We contribute to building an inclusive society by supporting independence for socially vulnerable people who are susceptible to human rights violations.