Social Initiatives

Community Relations

Community relations In pursuing a “harmonious coexistence with the community”, Kureha strives to maintain active communication with local communities and is dedicated to their development and success. Kureha publishes a newsletter“ Nishiki” to promote interactive communication with local communities, which includes the report on Kureha’s environmental and safety initiatives and activities and also voices and requests from local communities. The newsletter FY2013 issues featured our CSR Local Dialogue Meeting and Kureha Sports Festival, in which events many people from neighboring communities also participated. Also, this year Kureha organized the Iwaki Factory tours, volunteered in street cleanup programs, and supported the ongoing post-quake recovery support project,“ Smiling Together.”

11th CSR Local Dialogue Meeting

11th CSR Local Dialogue Meeting

On November 20, 2013, 126 persons, including representatives of administrative institutions, local groups, district officials and nearby corporations attended the 11th CSR Local Dialogue Meeting.
In the meeting, the members of the Iwaki Factory introduced the concept for their FY2013 CSR efforts titled “Building a safer workplace,” and explained their responsible care activities and safety traditions which they carry on at workplace. Kureha Ecology Management Co.,Ltd. also presented their RC activities and performance.
In addition, the Fukushima Prefecture Environment Center Planning Management Office gave a lecture titled“ Chemical Substance Risk Management”. Furthermore, valuable opinions and questions were raised by many of the local attendees.

Social Contribution

Smiling Together - The East Japan Support Project

The earthquake and tsunami from the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 caused considerable damage to the Pacific coastal region of eastern Japan. The prefectures of Iwate and Miyagi, as well as Fukushima where Kureha’s Iwaki Factory is located, suffered loss of life, the destruction of homes, salt damage to agricultural lands from seawater, and damage to sales of agricultural products caused by harmful rumors and misinformation relating to the nuclear accident. Restoration and reconstruction in these areas remains a pressing concern.
Kureha is providing financial support for three projects aimed at revitalization of food and agriculture in the disaster areas̶the Nanohana Project, the Agriculture Revitalization Project, and the Rebuilding of Culinary Culture through Community Support Project. These three projects, directed respectively by Tohoku University, Fukushima University, and Iwate Prefectural University Morioka Junior College, conduct activities in which students and residents of disaster areas work together for restoration.
Kureha has been donating a portion of its revenue from sales of NEW Krewrap to aid these projects since October 2011, and will continue to provide reconstruction support to the disaster areas.
The contribution amount over three years is projected to reach about 100 million yen.

  • Miyagi Prefecture "the disaster areas - the Nanohana Project"
  • Fukushima Prefecture "the Agriculture Revitalization Project"
  • Iwate Prefecture "the Rebuilding of Culinary Culture through Community Support Project"