Message from the President President & Chief Executive Officer Yutaka Kobayashi

Thank you for visiting Kureha's website.

Ever since our founding in 1944, Kureha has sought to grow together with society. Based on proprietary technologies, our focus has always been to create specialty products that contribute to people's quality of life and the global environment.

This approach to business is expressed by the three tenets of our corporate philosophy: we treasure people and the natural environment; we constantly evolve through innovation; and we contribute to society by developing beneficial products.

These words now carry us forward under a new mid-term management plan for the years 2016-2018, called Kureha's Challenge 2018. Under this plan, Kureha will, as a company built on technology, develop differentiated products in the field of specialty chemicals and become a high value-added enterprise that continually contributes to global society.

The new plan is positioned as a period to lay the foundation for Kureha's future expansion. Our basic stance is to enhance the competitiveness and earnings capacity of existing businesses, in particular ensuring continued firm growth in the PGA (polyglycolic acid) business. Alongside these efforts, we are also accelerating the search for new technologies and business themes that will underpin Kureha's future under a new initiative called the New Business Creation Project, which is under my direct leadership. Furthermore, Kureha is reinforcing CSR management and its management foundation to ensure we remain a company that grows and evolves together with society.

Alongside generating profits and other aspects of enhancing corporate value, Kureha has a social mission as a company to remain an essential part of the lives of all our stakeholders. Driven by the passion, speed and commitment of each employee, we will strive to be a global company that through bold innovation helps to resolve social issues and bring lasting prosperity to society.

We at Kureha will continue to Pursue Excellence in everything we do. We look forward to your continued support.

May 2018