The Pursuit of Excellence

A proud history of developing original, innovative technology

Kureha is a leading diversified chemical products manufacturer. Over 70 years, we have applied our technological expertise to create numerous original products in fields including advanced products, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and packaging materials.

Kureha operates under a broad vision encompassing industry-wide issues and developments, while at the same time using highly specialized expertise to develop cutting-edge products. Our growth and development has come exclusively from innovative products that were developed in-house, rather than through outside technology.

A good example of Kureha's culture of in-house research and product development is polyvinylidene chloride resin, which is used as plastic food wrap. This was developed by Kureha soon after World War II using chlorine, a byproduct of caustic soda. With a corporate culture emphasizing "developing original technologies to meet society's future needs," the development of polyvinylidene chloride resin was the first Kureha R&D effort done without reliance on overseas technology.

In the years since, through original technology and a strong corporate culture we have built an operating environment capable of producing innovations that can withstand the test of time.

Start with grand dreams, then take them to the next stage

  • 1944:Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is established, and begins making products including monochlorobenzene, dinitrochlorobenzene, and caustic soda.
  • 1945~1950s:Following World War II, Kureha began exploring high-degree applications for the chlorine produced with caustic soda. One of the first products to emerge from this R&D was polyvinylidene chloride, developed through Kureha's own efforts without reliance on foreign technologies. We later made use of our original technologies in such areas as organic synthesis and polymeric chemistry to develop an extensive lineup of chemicals and plastics.
  • 1960~1970s:Kureha develops the world’s first crude oil pyrolysis technique. The technology derived from this project formed the cornerstone for the creation of carbon products. In 1960, Kureha also developed Krewrap, the first household plastic wrap in Japan, and in 1977, KRESTIN (anticancer agent).
  • 1980~1990s:Kureha focused its resources on the development of original specialty products, generating a varied lineup of products across a broad range of fields. In 1987, we launched the high-performance plastic Fortron KPS, and in 1993, Metconazole and Ipconazole (agricultural fungicides) along with Carbotron (anode material) and KF Polymer (binder) for lithium-ion batteries.
  • 2000~:Kureha withdrew from the commodities business under a program of selection and concentration. This restructuring aimed at expanding the scope of our specialty business, with focus on advanced materials, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, and high-barrier packaging materials. In 2000, we launched grain agent KREMEZIN® fine grain agent.
  • 2005~:In 2005, the company name was changed from Kureha Chemical Industry to Kureha Corporation. This rebranding was part of an effort to expand our business and achieve global growth, without being bound by the image of a chemical company. Kureha continues to provide beneficial products that help improve the lives of people around the world.

Product History