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Pioneering fluorocarbon fishing lines

Kureha developed and launched Seaguar, the world's first fishing line made from fluorocarbon (PVDF), in 1971. Since that time, Seaguar has become the leading brand of fishing line and a favorite of fishing enthusiasts. The polyvinylidene fluoride resin KF POLYMER, the raw material for Seaguar lines, is produced at Kureha's Iwaki Factory. The Kureha Group is the only corporate group consistently manufacturing fishing line products from raw material to finished product.
Kureha will continue its product development and expand the lineup to meet customer needs.


  • Extremely high tensile strength and knot strength
  • Light refractive index extremely close to that of water reduces visibility in water
  • High specific gravity provides quick sinking speed
  • Lack of water absorbency provides long life and excellent drainage
  • Stiffness helps prevent crimping
  • Less elastic than nylon, making it easier to sense strikes
  • Flexible Non-Twist (FNT) production method allows for production of supple and easy-to-use fishing line with no strength loss, with effective improvements to twisting and crimping
  • Kureha's unique double structure technology provides an excellent balance of knot strength, inelasticity, shock resistance, and suppleness

Product Lineup

    Fluorocarbon leader lines for all types of fishing
    Fluorocarbon main lines for fishing lures (bass, trout, saltwater fish, squid, etc.)

The Seaguar Story

The Seaguar Story-1

An integrated manufacturing structure starting with the development of the raw resin

The Seaguar series of fishing lines are made primarily of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) produced at Kureha's Iwaki Factory, and manufactured and sold by Kureha's group company Kureha Gohsen.

The Seaguar Story-2

The manufacturing concept for Seaguar is "integrated process." The Kureha Group handles all aspects of the complex process for making fluorocarbon line in an in-house-developed process that begins with the making of the raw plastic itself. We apply to this raw material extremely delicate spinning and drawing technologies, such as the double structure process and Flexible Non-Twist (FNT) production method, to create high-grade fluorocarbon fishing line.

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