Basic Information Security Policy

Kureha Corporation (“Kureha”) recognizes the establishment of secure and reliable management for appropriate sharing and use of all information concerning business activities as one of the priority issues for management and sets out the following as its basic policy on information security.

  1. Kureha will promote information security management activities to maintain the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information assets it possesses and to manage information appropriately.
  2. Kureha will oversee information security for the Kureha Group as a whole, direct continuous improvement activities for Kureha and Group companies and provide ongoing education so that every employee is aware of the importance of information security and puts it into practice.
  3. Kureha and Group companies will perform risk assessments for each information asset and implement appropriate countermeasures in accordance with the seriousness of risks.
  4. Kureha and each Group company will ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, rules, etc.