Sustainability Initiatives

Kureha Group Philosophical System

In the spirit of "if it doesn't exist, create it," each of us in the Kureha Group will continue to produce products and technologies that contribute to enriching people's lives and reducing environmental impact under our Corporate Philosophy (What we value) and Vision (What we aim for).

Kureha Group Philosophical System

Kureha Group Basic Policy on Sustainability

The Kureha Group has established a Basic Policy on Sustainability and is promoting sustainability management based on a management strategy that is integrated with our medium- to long-term management plan.

Kureha Group Basic Policy on Sustainability

We will implement the Kureha Group Corporate Philosophy, create the future by producing unique and differentiated products and technologies, and promote continuous improvement of economic value and contribution to solving social issues.

Promotion of Sustainability Activities

To ensure the implementation of sustainability initiatives, the Kureha Group has established a governance structure centered on the Sustainability Committee and the Sustainability Coordination Committee, and has oversight by its Board of Directors.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee principally meets twice a year as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors. The Committee monitors changes in the business environment surrounding the Group with regard to sustainability and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors about basic management policies and strategies related to sustainability, such as identifying material issues that require special focus for the Group's sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value over the medium to long term. The Committee also monitors material issues through reports from the Sustainability Coordination Committee and other means.
The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the President and Representative Director and consists of all directors. Experts from outside Kureha are invited to participate in discussions as needed.

Sustainability Coordination Committee

The Sustainability Coordination Committee has been established to promote sustainability activities throughout the Group. The Sustainability Coordination Committee identifies risks and opportunities that affect the sustainability of the Group and society as "sustainability issues," and works together with stakeholders to minimize risks and maximize opportunities. The Committee formulates specific plans for resolving sustainability issues, including material issues, in collaboration with its six subcommittees (Responsible Care Subcommittee, Compliance Subcommittee, Information Security Subcommittee, Information Disclosure Subcommittee, Human Rights Subcommittee, and Risk Management Subcommittee) and the departments in charge of each issue, and manages the progress of these activities. These results are shared with the Sustainability Committee. The Committee also reports to the Board of Directors at least once a year on activities related to material issues.
The Sustainability Coordination Committee is chaired by the President & Chief Executive Officer (or an inside director or vice president appointed by the President & Chief Executive Officer), who appoints committee members from the divisions in charge of each sustainability issue and relevant departments.

Promotion system diagram for sustainability activities

Awareness of Sustainability within the Company and Dialogue

In order for the entire Kureha Group to engage in sustainability activities with a common understanding, we are working to spread understanding of global trends in environmental and social issues, as well as Kureha Group issues and initiatives, through briefings for employees and internal newsletters.
In fiscal 2022, we held CSR briefings for employees via the Internet and livestream, in which we shared information that is important for the promotion of sustainability activities, such as corporate sustainability, climate change, and respect for human rights.

  • Online CSR briefing (FY2022)
    Online CSR briefing (FY2022)

Internal newsletters include topics such as TCFD-based information disclosure and initiatives toward carbon neutrality. Information is continuously communicated to employees to share and deepen their understanding of the Kureha Group's sustainability activities.