Mid- to Long-Term Management Plan

Kureha promotes sustainability-focused management to continually strengthen the Kureha Group, with the dual goals of improving mid- to long-term corporate value and contributing toward a sustainable society. To this end, Kureha Group has formulated a new Corporate Philosophy, Vision, and Management Policy for FY2030, as well as a new mid- to long-term management plan, Toward Creating a New Future (FY2023-2030).

Kureha Group Corporate Philosophy/Kureha Vision

The world is seeing sweeping societal and economic changes. In the wake of a pandemic caused by an outbreak of a new virus, we see escalated tensions and conflicts between nations, heightened geopolitical risks, and restrictions and divisions in the movement of people and goods. With climate change-induced alternations to the global environment causing an increase in natural disasters, companies must contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by achieving carbon neutrality, securing energy and food supplies, and reducing environmental impact for the conservation of water resources and biodiversity.

In response to these changes surrounding the business environment, we have revised our corporate philosophy into a new Kureha Group Corporate Philosophy. To clarify our aims as a corporate group, we have also defined a new Kureha Vision, in which we strive to be “a specialty solutions company that leverages proprietary technology and contributes to a new future for society."

Mid- to Long-Term Management Plan

The Management Policy

To realize the Kureha Vision, we have established three objectives and three priority measures.

To realize the Kureha Vision, we have established three objectives and three priority measures.


Continuous enhancement of economic value

  • Kureha group will focus its resources on the three key business fields of Environment and Energy, Life, and Digital Communications in order to enhance economic value
  • We will raise the performance of existing products and expand the value chain from a market-in perspective, strengthen our ability to propose cost-competitive solutions to customers

Contribution toward resolving social issues

  • Kureha Group products, technologies, services, which have been contributing to society, will be further evolved through the integration of in-house technology development and external technology to expand the range of products, technologies, and services provided to society

Contribution toward reduced environmental impact

  • We will strive to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2050
  • We will pursue the advancement of production technology suitable for recycling-oriented production and reduce our environmental burden by promoting waste reduction and recycling

Priority Measures

Reviving Kureha’s technology-driven focus

  • We will accelerate the development of differentiated products by heavily concentrating resources into R&D for new product development and environmental load reduction technologies
  • Through co-creation/collaboration with other companies, M&A, and other means, we will integrate our proprietary technologies with external technologies to create and expand new businesses
  • We will build a production system for growth businesses and strengthen production technology and engineering capabilities to reduce our environmental impact

Strengthening the management base

  • We will continue to strengthen our organization to promote sustainability management
  • We will effectively utilize the management resources of the Kureha Group and build a strong consolidated business foundation
  • We will promote a digitalization strategy that enables advanced management by linking the latent needs of customers and society with R&D, manufacturing, and sales in the value chain

Synergism between company and employees

  • Harmonize and unify employee satisfaction with our corporate mission, with the aim of growing both employees and the company
  • Enhance communication between the company and employees and value employees who try their best
  • Respect the diverse values and positions of employees, create a comfortable work environment, and actively provide employment opportunities

New Mid-to Long-term Management Plan

Kureha Group’s New Mid-to Long-term Management Plan
Toward Creating a New Future (FY2023-2030)

Under the new corporate philosophy and Kureha Vision, the Kureha Group's new medium- to long-term management plan, "Toward Creating a New Future" which looks ahead to fiscal 2030, has started.

Toward the realization of sustainability-focused management

Quantitative target for FY2030

Revenue 280 billion yen
Operating profit
(Operating margin)
More than 35 billion yen
ROE More than 9%
Reduction of CO emissions
from energy sources
More than 30% compared with FY2013 levels
Zero waste emission ratio * 1.5%

Earnings Targets

(billion yen)

Revenue Operating
Revenue Operating
Revenue Operating
Revenue Operating
Advanced Materials 82.7 10.1 79.0 13.0 100.0 16.0 170.0 23.0
Specialty Chemicals 31.8 1.8 34.6 1.2 30.0 1.0 34.0 2.0
Specialty Plastics 46.8 8.6 47.1 5.6 40.0 6.0 42.0 7.5
Construction & Other 30.0 3.7 29.3 2.2 30.0 2.0 34.0 2.5
Corporate adjustments (1.8)
191.3 22.4 190.0 22.0 200.0 25.0 280.0 More than
Advanced Materials Battery material: polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
Advanced plastics:polyphenylene sulfide(PPS)
Polyglycolic acid (PGA) Resin
Carbon materials:carbon fiber、bead-shaped active carbon
Specialty Chemicals Agricultural fungicide
Therapeutic agent for chronic renal failure
Industrial Chemicals:Inorganic Chemicals、Organic Chemicals
Specialty Plastics Household Products
Commercial-use food packaging materials
Construction & Other Construction services
Environmental Services

Environmental Impact Reduction Targets

  • CO2emission reduction

    30% or more
    (vs. FY2013 results)

    Based on the assumption of achieving carbon neutrality by FY2050, we will promote the use of CO2-free self-generated energy and CO2-free electricity to achieve our energy-derived CO2 emission reduction target for FY2030.

  • Zero waste emission ratio


    • Achieve zero waste emission ratio 1.5% in FY2025
    • Although the waste is expected to increase in line with the increase in production of our main products, but we will maintain a zero emission ratio of 1.5% in FY2030 by developing technologies to reduce and recycle this waste.
Energy-derived CO2 emissions compared to FY2013

Shareholder Return Targets

Payout ratio

Kureha’s basic policy is to maintain stable dividends with a target payout ratio of 30% or more, while enhancing internal reserves to enable in future business expansion.

FY2023 payout ratio forecast: 31.7%

Total payout ratio

We target 50% or more of a total payout ratio of 50% and also plan to acquire a total of approximately \ 20 billion in treasury stock during the three-period ending FY2025. We will acquire \ 10 billion (or 1.2million shares) in treasury stock in FY2023 out of \ 20 billion.

FY2023 total payout ratio forecast: 96.2%

Payout ratio. Acquisition of treasury stock. / Dividends in line with earnings. Improvement in EPS & BPS.

R&D and Technology Development Targets

Environment and Energy

  • Develop our technologies to improve the performance of advanced materials such as PVDF and PPS, while reducing environmental impact and manufacturing costs
  • Launch SiC fiber product differentiated by performance and cost and enter the aerospace industry
  • Establish technological foundations to achieve carbon neutrality


  • Continually develop and launch agrochemicals to contribute to sustainable agriculture and stable food supply
  • Develop products that contribute to reduction of environmental impact

Digital Communications

  • Bring 3D touch panels to market
  • Establish and bring to market differentiated technologies for semiconductor applications