Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)KF Piezo

KF Piezo

A material with limitless possibilities

Kureha was first in the world to successfully develop an industrial manufacturing process for this ferroelectric macromolecular film. Compared to crystal or ferroelectric ceramics, the flexibility of the KF Piezo film provides good workability, allowing wide-ranging use for sensors or speakers.


KF Piezo is made by stretching a KF POLYMER film and applying a high voltage.The molecular structure of the film itself exhibits remarkable piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.The ability to generate a current in response to pressure, distortion or heat makes this product suitable for a variety of sensors.The KF Piezo film was used on the JAXA solar sail spacecraft IKAROS to detect space dust.

KF Piezo has the following characteristics:

  • As a macromolecular film, it is thin, light and flexible
  • Low dielectric constant compared to inorganic piezoelectric bodies makes it suitable for sensors
  • Acoustic impedance close to that of water makes it suitable for hydrophones and ultrasonic probes


  • Sensors
    Musical instrument pickups, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors
  • Acoustic
  • Pressure sensors
    Pressure sensors
  • KF Piezo sensors
    KF Piezo sensors
  • Speakers

Mechanism of Piezoelectricity

  • Piezo film : PVDF uniaxially-streched film
  • about PVDF Piezoelectric polyme : Piezo film stretches and warps when a positive or negative voltage is applied to it. As it does, the air around it is pushed and pulled. The air vibrates and produces sound.

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