Fortron KPS

Plastic that combines strength with light weight and non-combustibility

Fortron KPS is a linear polyphenylene sulfide(PPS) resin that offers exceptional mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and flame resistance. Kureha developed and began producing this high-performance material in 1987. It is highly regarded worldwide as a tough and heat-resistant super-engineering plastic.


  • Exceptionally tough, offering considerable improvement over previous cross-linked PPS products
  • Few ionic impurities, making it suitable for applications demanding strict electrical characteristics
  • Excellent thermal stability, making it easy to mold
  • Good weld strength and excellent secondary workability, such as with screws or press fittings
  • Exceptional properties suitable for a wide–ranging manufacturing, from automobiles to smartphones.


Air filter
Air filter
  • Automobile components
  • Filtration
  • Electric & electronic components
  • Office equipment
  • Plumbing equipment

World-leading production structure

PPS is produced at the Iwaki Factory in Fukushima Prefecture (10,000 tonnes annually), and by Fortron Industries in North Carolina in the United States. Together these two world-class facilities produce 25,000 tonnes annually to meet the growing demand for PPS.

PPS production facility at the Iwaki Factory
PPS production facility at the Iwaki Factory
Fortron Industries (U.S.)
Fortron Industries (U.S.)

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