Privacy Policy

While considering how to best use personal information, Kureha Corporation ("Kureha") regards the proper protection of such information provided to Kureha to be its responsibility to society. As a result, Kureha has established the following guidelines regarding the handling of personal information. Please refer to Corporate Profile for our address, name of representative and other information.

1. Personal Information Protection Compliance Program

  • Kureha complies with laws and regulations and other norms regarding personal information. In addition, we ensure officers, directors and employees are fully familiar with our Personal Information Protection Compliance Program (including policies and company rules regarding personal information protection, as well as other rules and regulations) while striving for continual improvement.

2. Organizational Structure

  • Kureha has appointed a Chief Privacy Officer, as well as persons responsible for handling personal information, to ensure appropriate management.

3. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

  • Kureha acquires personal information through lawful and honest means.
  • Kureha utilizes personal information within the scope of use that is notified or announced, as necessary for the conduct of Kureha's business.

4. Supply or Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

  • Kureha will not supply or disclose any personal data to a third party without prior consent of the person who provided the personal information, except in cases as required or permitted by law and regulations.

5. Joint Use of Personal Data

  • Kureha and group companies in Japan and overseas may, within the announced scope of use, jointly utilize personal data, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, affiliation, department name and job title, as necessary. In such cases, we will be responsible for the management of the personal data.

6. Security Measures for Personal Information

  • Kureha has formulated rules and basic policies regarding the handling of personal information to prevent unauthorized access, loss, theft, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and to provide other security controls. In addition, we have established a communication system to the person in charge of personal information handling for reporting possible violations of laws and regulations, and also require employees to self-inspect their handling of such information. We also take necessary and appropriate measures, including education and training for employees in personal information handling, prevention of theft and loss of devices that handle personal information, implementation of access control, protection from unauthorized access and unauthorized software, and restrictions on the means of taking personal information outside of company premises.
  • In cases where our employees handle personal information or Kureha entrusts the handling of personal information to outside organizations, we conduct the necessary and appropriate level of oversight.
  • When handling personal data in a foreign country, Kureha will take necessary and appropriate measures after understanding that country's laws, regulations and norms regarding the protection of personal information.

7.Inquiries regarding personal information

  • Kureha will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion or other action regarding personal information from the person who provided the information. We will respond promptly and appropriately to questions regarding safety management measures taken by Kureha in accordance with laws and regulations and Kureha procedures.
  • A designated contact point has been established to handle inquiries regarding personal information from persons who have provided personal information.

April 1, 2022