Privacy Policy

Kureha Corporation ("Kureha") considers the proper protection of personal information provided to Kureha to be its responsibility to society. As a result, Kureha has established the following guidelines for the handling of personal information.

1. Personal Information Protection Compliance Program

  • Kureha complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information. Kureha also familiarize its officers, directors and employees with the Personal Information Compliance Program (including its policies, company rules regarding personal information protection, as well as other rules and regulations), and make continual improvements.

2. Organizational Framework

  • Kureha has appointed a Chief Privacy Officer and designated persons responsible for handling personal information, to ensure proper controls are in place.

3. Uses of Personal Information Collected

  • Kureha collects personal information through lawful and honest means.
  • Kureha utilizes personal information within the scope of the intended use that is notified or announced, as necessary in the conduct of Kureha's business.

4. Supply or Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

  • Kureha will not supply or disclose any personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the person who has provided personal information, except in cases as required or permitted by law and regulations.

5. Security Measures for Personal Information

  • Kureha takes necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, to protect against the loss, theft, destruction, falsification or leaking of personal information, and to provide for other security controls.
  • In cases where Kureha entrusts the handling of personal information to outside organizations, Kureha conducts the necessary and appropriate level of oversight.

6. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

  • Kureha will respond to requests from a person who has provided personal information, such as for its disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, deletion or other action, in accordance with Kureha's procedures, as promptly and appropriately.
  • A designated contact point has been established to handle inquiries regarding personal information from persons who have provided personal information.

Enacted April 1, 2005