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KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags

  • Are KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags recyclable?

    KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags are made from Polyethylene Resin #4. They are recyclable in the communities that accept Polyethylene Resin #4.

  • Can KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags be used in a microwave?

    KUREHA's Freezer Bags may be used for microwave defrosting. When defrosting, always open the zipper one inch to vent. Be careful when defrosting foods that are high in fat or sugar content such as bacon, pastries and so on, because the foods are liable to be overheated quickly and may soften the bags seriously.
    KUREHA's Freezer Bags should not be used for microwave reheating.
    KUREHA's Storage Bags should not be used in a microwave because they are not thick enough to have strength in high temperature

  • Can I boil in KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags?

    No. KUREHA's Freezer Bags and Storage Bags are not designed to withstand boiling water.

  • Should I wrap meat in plastic wrap before freezing in KUREHA's Freezer Bags?

    KIt's not necessary to wrap food before freezing in KUREHA's Freezer Bags. However, it's helpful to freeze hamburger patties, chops, and other meats with plastic wrap between them for easy separation.

KUREHA's Containers with Steam Vent Lid

  • Are there any special instructions for using KUREHA's Containers with Steam Vent Lid in the microwave or freezer?

    Before using any KUREHA's Containers with Steam Vent Lid for the first time, wash it thoroughly.
    Defrost & Reheat: Open the STEAM VENT LID. This will allow steam to vent during the microwaving process. The container may be hot during microwaving, so handle carefully. Do not use KUREHA's Containers with Steam Vent Lid in conventional ovens, under browning elements, or over stovetops.
    To freeze:When taken out of the freezer, the container is slightly brittle and may crack if dropped.

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