Procurement Guidelines

  1. When selecting suppliers, we make a comprehensive assessment of quality, price, supply stability, after-sales service, technological capabilities, and CSR initiatives based on economic rationality.
  2. When selecting suppliers, we open our doors to a wide range of partners, regardless of existing partners or their past performances.
  3. We comply with laws and regulations in our procurement.
  4. We build equal and fair cooperative relationships with our suppliers and enhance mutual understanding and trust.
  5. We strive to maintain and improve the quality of purchased products in cooperation with our suppliers.
  6. We will not have private relationships or personal interests with our suppliers to prevent corruption.

Major purchasing items

Kureha purchases the following items.

Raw materials

Fuels coal, LNG, fuel oil
Raw materials plasticizers, organic solvents, polymer additives, monomers, other organic/inorganic chemicals, nonferrous metals
Packaging materials paper bags, flexible container bags, drums, cardboard, white paperboard, paper core tubes

Equipment / Construction

Static equipment towers, tanks, heat exchangers, reactors
Rotary equipment pumps, compressors
General equipment refrigerators, boilers, powder equipment, transporting equipment, packaging equipment, extruders, winding machines, automatic packaging machines
Instrumentation & Electrical equipment DCS, instrumentation equipment, control panels, cables, electrical equipment
Laboratory equipment physical and chemical appliances, analytical instruments, testing equipment
Construction civil/structual/architectural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, air conditioning

Please use the application form below to make proposals for new transactions and new materials.