Inorganic Chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals

Industrial chemicals that are fundamental to the materials industry

Kureha's chemical industry business originates in the electrolysis of industrial salt, which produces chlorine and caustic soda. Many of Kureha's specialty products have been developed from chlorine, and caustic soda is essential for the production of paper and synthetic fibers. Moreover, Kureha uses chlorine and caustic soda as intermediate materials to make its own PPS resins. The value of one product enhances the value of the other. This efficient and lean production structure is the foundation of our entire business.

Information on Inorganic Chemicals

Common name (trade name) Chemical name Molecular formula Uses / characteristics
Liquid caustic soda Sodium Hydroxide NaOH Agent for dissolving wood chips during paper pulp production; staple raw material for the chemicals industry and other primary materials industries; wastewater neutralizer
Purified hydrochloric acid Hydrochloric Acid HCl Etching of aluminum foil; acid washing of steel; pure systems; wastewater neutralizer; industrial raw material
Sodium hypochlorite Sodium Hypochlorite NaClO Bleaching of paper; Raw material for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals; Wastewater neutralizer
Low-sodium sodium hypochlorite
Sodium Hypochlorite NaClO Sterilization agent for water/sewage systems and pools; raw material for bleach; high-grade sodium hypochlorite
Hydrogen Hydrogen H2 Fuel for manufacturing high-purity quartz glass; semiconductor manufacturing

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