Kichinto-San Series

The best for the kitchen

Following our basic product concept of the best for the kitchen," Kureha is helping to establish new kitchen practices for cooking, food storage and cleanliness. We take a consumer-oriented approach to offer products that help make everyday housework easier and more efficient.

Kichinto-San Series

Kichinto-San Series-1

The Kichinto-San series comprises a range of everyday household products, including food containers, freezer storage bags, and kitchen sink-use garbage bags. We also have a lineup of microwave-safe storage containers in various sizes. Our zipper storage bags seal in flavors and keep food tasty.

Kichinto-San Series-2
Kichinto-San Series-3

Award History

Kichinto-san ‘Keep-It-Fresh’ Freezer Bag received Food Packaging Award in 2010 Japan Packaging Contest and 2010 WorldStar Award from World Packaging Organisation
Kureha won the 35th Japan Packaging Institute Kinoshita Packaging Technology Award for the development of Kichinto-san Dustman products
Kichinto-san ‘Freezer Bag’received Food Packaging Award in 2016 Japan Packaging Contest

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