Specialty Plastics

Kureha products are present in our daily lives and leisure activities, enhancing convenience and safety in a variety of ways.

Making everyday life easier

Food packaging is a key area of focus for Kureha. We have developed packaging solutions for a wide range of food products, including soft squeezable bottles for ketchup and mayonnaise, and film packages for ham and sausages. We also offer many products that make kitchen tasks more convenient, such as the NEW Krewrap plastic wrap with a specially designed, easy-to-use cutter, and the Kichinto-San series of storage products.
Leisure-related products from Kureha include the Seaguar series of fishing lines, the world's first fluorocarbon lines.
By carefully researching the usage habits and needs of its customers, Kureha always strives to develop products that are one step ahead.

Household Products

Kureha offers Krewrap plastic wrap and other products that make kitchen work easier and more convenient.

Commercial-use food packaging materials

Kureha provides packaging materials using Krehalon for sausages and other food products.

Fishing Lines

The SEAGUAR series of fishing lines is well-known among fishing enthusiasts, whose pursuits Kureha supports with a wide range of products.