Specialty Chemicals

Our specialty chemicals contribute to public health, advancements in agriculture, and the growth of industry.

Balancing considerations for people, nature, and industrial advancement

In the pharmaceutical sector, Kureha follows the basic philosophy of "from cure to care." We create next generation pharmaceutical products that enhance quality of life, such as medicines with minimal side effects.

In the agrochemicals sector, Kureha seeks to achieve symbiosis among farmers, consumers and nature.Our focus is on researching and developing agrochemicals that enhance crop yields in harmony with the environment.

Industrial chemicals are crucial as the source of the materials industry, and also represent the foundations for Kureha as a whole. Many of Kureha's products are rooted in the basic chemical element, chlorine. Drawing on this foundation has allowed us to create new, value-added products. It is where Kureha's originality lies.


Kureha produces pharmaceuticals by using unique and novel technologies. For instance, we use carbon materials technologies to develop agents for treating chronic renal failure.

Agricultural Chemicals

Kureha's agricultural fungicides are used in many crop fields around the world, helping farmers to secure their yields.