Triazole seed disinfectantIpconazole


A reliable seed disinfectant for farmers

Ipconazole is a triazole fungicide invented by Kureha that is widely used for seed treatment. Even at low dosages, it is highly effective against seed-borne and soil-borne diseases. In Japan, Ipconazole has since 1994 been sold as a seed treatment fungicide active ingredient for rice under the brand name Techlead-C Flowable by Zen-Noh (the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations) and Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and holds a leading market share in that sector. Overseas, Ipconazole is widely used in Europe, North America, Central and South America, and Asia as a seed treatment fungicide active ingredient for such crops as corn, cereals, and soybeans.
Seed treatment is drawing attention as an environment-friendly method to protect crops, and is expected to be more widely used in overseas markets in the future.


  • Top market share in Japan as a rice seed treatment fungicide
  • Highly effective against a variety of diseases affecting the seeds of crops such as rice, corn, wheat varieties, soybean, cotton and rapeseed
  • Excellent plant safety, is applicable to a wide range of crops

Structural formula

Structural formula

Structural formula

Application / Scope

Agricultural and horticultural fungicide, used as a seed treatment fungicide

  • Rice: Bakanae disease, rice blast, etc.
  • Corn: Damping-off, smut, etc.
  • Wheat varieties: Smut, etc.
  • Ipconazole can be used for a broad range of crops
    Ipconazole can be used for a broad range of crops
  • Wheat seeds treated with Ipconazole
    Wheat seeds treated with Ipconazole

The Ipconazole Story

  • 1986
    Kureha discovers Ipconazole and identified properties ideal for seed disinfection.
  • March. 2000
    Pesticide Science Society of Japan presents Kureha with a technical achievement award for the development of Ipconazole and Metconazole.

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