Kureha Group Corporate Philosophy

Kureha's corporate identity and vision.

Kureha Group Corporate philosophy

To be a company supporting an ever-changing society.
To be a company that changed society for the better.
We formulate our Corporate identity to reflect our vision for Kureha Group.

  • We treasure people and the natural environment
  • We constantly evolve through innovation
  • We contribute to society by developing beneficial products

Kureha Vision

A specialty solutions company that leverages proprietary technology and contributes to a new future for society.

Kureha Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Kureha pursues the realization of a sustainable society through the creation of socially beneficial value and responsible behavior. To that end, in accordance with the following nine principles, we commit to acting in a manner that is sympathetic to society and in compliance with the laws of Japan and the other countries in which we operate. The Company’s top management recognizes that it is their role to realize the spirit of the Charter of Corporate Behavior, build effective governance systems for the conduct of business, and strive to raise awareness of the Charter’s spirit within the corporation and the entire Group to achieve its full implementation. In the case of any violations, Kureha’s management will attempt to resolve those problems, eradicate the cause, prevent recurrence, release relevant information to the public, and implement appropriate punishment wherever necessary without exception.

  • 1. We will develop and provide socially valuable, unique and differentiated products and technologies that meet society’s needs, and strive for sustainable economic growth and solutions to social issues.
  • 2. We respect the human rights of all people affected by our corporate activities.
  • 3. We take the initiative and act proactively to address environmental issues, which pose common challenges to humanity.
  • 4. We actively and fairly disclose reliable corporate information that is beneficial to a wide range of stakeholders, and engage in constructive dialogue with the purpose of enhancing corporate value.
  • 5. We provide consumers and customers with safe, high-quality products that they can use with confidence, as well as appropriate information about products, communicating with them in good faith and earning their satisfaction and trust.
  • 6. We respect local communities and contribute to their development as a good corporate citizen.
  • 7. We engage in fair and free competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement. We also maintain sound relationships within the political and government sphere.
  • 8. We realize work practices that will improve the capability of employees and that respect their job satisfaction, diversity, character, and personality. Also, we provide safe and healthy working environments.
  • 9. We conduct thorough and organized crisis management in the face of actions by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters and other crises that pose a threat to civil society and corporate activity.

Corporate brand logo

Kureha's corporate brand logo expresses the image of the KUREHA brand and technologies spreading throughout the world. The arrow shape symbolizes Kureha's commitment to continual change and its growth potential.
Our corporate color, Kureha Nature Green, was originally developed by Kureha. It symbolizes intelligence, elegance and nobility, along with our commitment to society and nature.