Corporate Philosophy

Kureha's corporate identity and vision.

Corporate philosophy

To be a company supporting an ever-changing society.
To be a company that changed society for the better.
We formulate our Corporate identity to reflect our vision for Kureha.

  • We treasure people and the natural environment
  • We constantly evolve through innovation
  • We contribute to society by developing beneficial products


Kureha aims to be an “Excellent Company”.

Employee code of conduct

We always act as global corporate citizens, recognizing our corporate social responsibilities.

  • In relation to our clients
    We will act with sincerity and with customer satisfaction as our priority.
  • In relation to our work
    We will consistently pursue progress and innovation.
    We will consistently respond to change and act with a global perspective.
  • In relation to our colleagues
    We will maintain mutual respect and exhibit teamwork.

Corporate Identity

  • Employee code of conduct
  • Corporate philosophy
  • Mission

Corporate brand logo

Kureha's corporate brand logo expresses the image of the KUREHA brand and technologies spreading throughout the world. The arrow shape symbolizes Kureha's commitment to continual change and its growth potential.
Our corporate color, Kureha Nature Green, was originally developed by Kureha. It symbolizes intelligence, elegance and nobility, along with our commitment to society and nature.