Construction & Other Services

Kureha Group businesses including construction, engineering, environmental protection, logistics, and trading companies

Helping to build a better society as part of the Kureha Group

The Kureha Group's main business is the manufacture and sale of advanced materials, specialty chemicals, and specialty plastics. We also provide services related to these businesses, including construction and maintenance of facilities, logistics, environmental protection, and other services.

Construction services

Kurehanishiki Construction Co., Ltd. offers services in a wide range of sectors, including construction, civil engineering, housing, and factory-related services, helping to provide safe and comfortable living environments. Kureha Engineering Co., Ltd. contributes to stable production of Kureha’s various products by providing construction management and supervision services for the plants in the Iwaki Factory, the mother-factory of Kureha Group.

Other Services

Kureha has businesses in a variety of fields, including Environmental Services for processing of industrial waste, environmental measurements and physiochemical analysis; Transport and Storage Services for product logistics; and Trading Company Services to bring chemical products to the world.

Environmental Services

Kureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd. contributes to environmental protection by facilitating proper treatment and disposal of waste. Kureha Special Laboratory Co., Ltd. offers analysis and assessment services in biomedical and environmental fields, such as bone analysis, microbial examination and radiology test.

Transport and Storage Services

Kureha Unyu Co., Ltd. provides logistical services with the highest levels of safety, reliability and efficiency, helping to create a safe and prosperous society through better quality logistics.

Trading Services

Kureha Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in chemicals that meets the wide-ranging needs of the chemical sector, and contributes to the industry's development.

Real Estate, Services, Insurance

The Kureha Group operates other services, including real estate services, building management, travel agency services, insurance services and staffing services, mainly in Japan.

Medical Care Services

Kureha Group operates 'Kureha General Hospital', a key medical center in southern Iwaki City, and its adjacent geriatric health care services facility, 'Gardenia'.