Sustainability Site Editing Policy and Contents of the Report

Editorial Policy

The Kureha Group has changed the name of its "CSR Site" to "Sustainability Website" starting fiscal 2023. The main focus of the CSR Site to date has been to convey the social responsibilities that the Kureha Group should fulfill and its efforts to tackle various social issues. The Sustainability Website will convey the Kureha Group's approach to sustainability issues and its initiatives with the aim of deepening the understanding of all stakeholders.
The information presented is based on the material issues resolved by the Board of Directors. It also includes activity reports on material issues up to fiscal 2022.
We collect all types of numerical ESG data in the ESG Data Collection and work for comprehensive information disclosure.
The website is compiled in PDF format and archived as the "Kureha Sustainability Report" at the end of August.
The information in this report has been verified by the Chairman of the Sustainability Coordination Committee (Executive Vice President).
The Kureha Group announced its implementation of Responsible Care (RC) in 1995, and began publishing the Responsible Care Report to report on its RC activities. From 2010, we combined the three categories of the Company's foundation, social report, and RC and environmental reporting into CSR activities, and started publishing these activities in our CSR reports. Since fiscal 2021, we have shifted from the traditional booklet-centric format to the CSR Site to disclose and disseminate information on the Group's various CSR activities. Past information is available in the archive.

Contents of the Report

Coverage (As of March 31, 2023)

Kureha Corporation and Group companies
Consolidated Subsidiary 28 companies: Kureha Trading Co., Ltd., Resinous Kasei Co., Ltd., Kureha Gohsen Co., Ltd., Kureha Extron Co., Ltd., Kureha Unyu Co., Ltd., Kureha Unyu Truck Co., Ltd., Kureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd., Himeyuri Total Work Co., Ltd., Kureha Construction Co., Ltd., Kureha Denki Co., Ltd., Kureha Setsubi Co., Ltd., Kureha Koji Co., Ltd., Kureha Service Co., Ltd., Kureha Engineering Co., Ltd., Kureha Special Laboratory Co., Ltd., Kureha Staff Service Co., Ltd., Kureha Staff Service Co., Ltd., Kureha Europe B.V., KREHALON B.V., Kureha GmbH, KREHALON Australia Pty Ltd., Kureha America Inc., Kureha PGA LLC, Kureha Energy Solutions LLC, Kureha (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Kureha (Changshu) Fluoropolymers Co., Ltd., Kureha (Shanghai) Carbon Fiber Materials Co., Ltd., Kureha Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Special Subsidiaries (non-consolidated subsidiaries) 1 company: Sunshine Kureha Co., Ltd.

  • -Fortron Industries LLC, Keiyo Monomer Co., Ltd., Iwaki Sanso Center Co., Ltd., ELMECH ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., Chemics Kogyo, and NIPPON MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT are not included in the scope of this report because they are companies related to the equity method.

Reporting Period

In principle, the reporting time frame for Kureha's CSR activities is the same as its fiscal year (from April 2022 to March 2023). However, some sections of this report may refer to the calendar year (from January 2022 to December 2022) or activities after April 1, 2023.

Reporting Guidelines

GRI "Sustainability Reporting Standards"

ISO 26000 (Guidance Regarding Social Responsibility)

Ministry of Environment "Environmental Report Guidelines (2012 edition/2018 edition)"
Ministry of Environment "Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 edition)"

Updates of the Sustainability English Site

November 2023 (updated annually; previous edition: October 2022; next edition: scheduled for October 2024)


This site and the Sustainability report include not only past and present facts about Kureha Corporation and Group Companies, but also forecasts of the future based on plans and outlooks at the time of publication and issuance. These forecasts are assumptions or judgments based on the information available at the time of writing and can be invalidated by unforeseen changes in conditions. In addition, some of the figures in the tables and graphs have been revised from previous years due to changes in the target range and revision of the calculation method. Thank you for your understanding.