Intellectual Property

Basic Policy for our Intellectual Property Strategy

To grow, promote, and facilitate our business activities, Kureha engages in intellectual property activities based on the following basic policies.

  1. Formulation and execution of intellectual property strategies for the resolution of management issues
  2. Acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights to secure business competitiveness
  3. Elimination of obstacles to business originating in the intellectual property rights of other parties

Intellectual Property Activities

Our main intellectual property activities are as follows:

  • We formulate and execute intellectual property strategies that utilize analyses of the competitive environment based on patents, markets, competitive information, and other factors, in collaboration with relevant departments of the Company.
  • We consider the usefulness in business of intellectual property rights and secure usable rights that can be exercised against other companies. We also maximize the restraining power of our specific intellectual property rights to build effective high barriers to entry.
  • We conduct regular intellectual property clearance surveys for every product and in-development work, and strive to prevent infringement of the intellectual property rights of other parties.
  • We conduct annual conferences among our laboratories, business department, and Intellectual Property Department to make appropriate intellectual property investments in line with our business plans and R&D plans.