Bead-Shaped Activated Carbon (BAC)

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BAC is a highly spherical activated carbon made from petroleum pitch. Developed using Kureha's original technologies, its excellent strength and flowability enables wide-ranging uses, including air deodorizing, gas adsorption and water purification.


  • High fill capacity
    High bulk density allows for high-density filling, providing better adsorption capacity than a similar volume of coal-based or coconut shell-based activated carbon.
  • High flowability
    High flowability allows the activated carbon to spread throughout even complex-shaped containers.
  • Low carbon dust
    No binders are used in the formation process, meaning excellent strength and wear resistance, and less dust.
  • High purity
    The raw material pitch has few impurities, resulting in a low level of metal impurities.
  • Precise particle size distribution
    Particle diameter is consistent by grade, providing stable performance.


Solvent recovery system
Application in Kureha Ecology Management
Co.'s "GASTAK" solvent recovery system
  • Water treatment facilities
    →High flowability, low carbon dust, and precise particle distribution make BAC ideally suited for adsorption on fluidized beds.
  • Production plant exhaust gas and waste water recovery systems
    →High flowability and strength allow for use on the gaseous layer inside pipes, or liquid-fluidized beds
  • Clean room air and chemical filters
    →High purity, low carbon dust and high fill capacity have led to use even in fixed beds, and applications requiring separation from foreign matter.
  • Polysilicon production process
    →High purity prevents contamination by impurities during the production process.

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