Corporate Profile

Kureha's corporate profile, history and executives.

Corporate Profile

  • Corporate Name
  • Head Office
    3-3-2 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8552
    TEL: 03-3249-4666 FAX: 03-3249-4744
  • Incorporated
    June 21, 1944
  • Capital
    JPY 18,169 million
  • Net Sales
    JPY 142,398 million (March 2020)
  • Business Outline
    Manufacturing and sales of functional materials, specialty chemicals and plastics
  • Products and Services
  • Business Offices
  • Number of Employees
    4,271(Consolidated) 1,695(Non-consolidated)
  • Fiscal Term
    April 1-March 31


  • President
    Chief Executive Officer
    Yutaka KOBAYASHI
  • Senior Vice President
    Managing Director, PGA Department
    Managing Director, Research & Development Division
    General Manager, Manufacturing & Technology Division
    Michihiro SATO
  • Senior Vice President
    Managing Director, Internal Control and Auditing
    Managing Director, Quality Assurance
    General Manager, Finance & Accounting Division
    General Manager, Administration Division
    Project Manager, Project for Promotion of Corporate Managerial Reform
    Yoshio NODA
  • Outside Director
    Osamu TOSAKA
  • Outside Director
    Kazunari HIGUCHI
  • Corporate Auditor
    Masaru KIRIYAMA
  • Corporate Auditor
    Toru YOSHIDA
  • Corporate Auditor
    Yukako OSHIMI
  • Senior Vice President
    President, Kureha America Inc.
    Deputy Managing Director, PGA Department
    Project Manager, New Business Creation Project
    Naomitsu NISHIHATA
  • Senior Vice President
    General Manager, Home Products & Packaging Material Division
    Koji SUYAMA
  • Vice President
    General Manager, Iwaki Factory, Manufacturing & Technology Division
    Hiroyuki TANAKA
  • Vice President
    General Manager, Advanced Products Division
    Katsuhiro NATAKE
  • Vice President
    General Manager, Chemicals Division
    Satoshi YONEZAWA
  • Vice President
    General Manager, Corporate Planning & Strategy Division
    Masahiro NAMIKAWA
  • Vice President
    General Manager, Research & Development Division
    Hiroyuki SATO
Kureha’s Challenge

Introduce new business for the future and expanding business.