Kureha aims to be an “Excellent Company”.

Pursuing specialty solutions
with original technology
to contribute
to a new future for society

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Since our foundation in 1944, Kureha has advanced alongside the development of society, leveraging the unique technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years.

In April 2023, the Group launched a new mid- to long-term management plan, Toward Creating a New Future (FY2023-2030).

At the start of the new management plan, Kureha’s corporate philosophy-expressed as “value people and the environment,” “always innovate in order to grow continuously" and “contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through valuable products and technologies"-was made into the corporate philosophy for the entire Kureha Group.

Guided by this philosophy, we will strive to realize our newly redefined vision of becoming a specialty solutions company that leverages proprietary technology and contributes to a new future for society.

Our company has three objectives: Continuous enhancement of economic value, contribution toward resolving social issues, and contribution toward reduced environmental impact. To achieve these, we have set forth three priority measures: Reviving Kureha’s technology-driven focus, strengthening the management base and promoting synergism between the company and our employees.

Environmental issues, embodied by global climate change, must be faced with urgency. As indicated by the mainstreaming of terms like “carbon neutrality” and “circular economy,” countries around the world are increasingly conscious of the global environment and are stepping up efforts to curb climate change and recycle resources. For Kureha too, addressing these issues is vitally important. We will practice management that not only improves economic value, but also contributes toward resolving social issues and reducing environmental impact.

To become a sustainable company in this rapidly changing world, we need to strengthen our "Kureha-ness" as an innovation-driven company. Now more than ever, it is vitally important to be constantly aware of the external environment, adapt to changes ahead of others, and establish a culture of “following through” on our ambitions.

We look forward to your continued support.

June 2023Yutaka Kobayashi, President & Chief Executive Officer