KUREHA Microsphere

KUREHA Microsphere

KUREHA Microspheres are thermally expandable microcapsules developed by Kureha. They are used in a wide range of applications, including automobile components, footwear soles, foaming ink and adhesives.


  • Narrow temperature range from start to maximum foaming.
  • Size distribution is narrow, for uniform particles.

KUREHA Microspheres are consistent by grade, with a wide maximum expansion temperature of 120oC-210oC. We are currently developing a high heat-resistant grade with a maximum expansion temperature of 230oC-250oC for use in injection and extrusion molding.


  • Weight reduction
    Car interior, Glass run channel, Weather strip, Shoe midsole
  • Thermal insulation
    Wallpaper, ceiling material
  • Design
    Foaming inks, wallpaper

Expansion mechanism of KUREHA Microspheres

Model of the expansion mechanism for KUREHA Microspheres

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