Thermo expandable microcapsulesKUREHA Microsphere

KUREHA Microsphere H series

  • H series are suitable for expansion at 160℃-190℃
  • Within this temperature range, resins such as PVC, rubber and elastomers can be expanded.
Series Grade Average particle size before expansion
Average particle size after expansion
Expansion ratio Expansion start temperature (Tstart)
Maximum expansion temperature (Tmax)
H H750 15-25 60-100 50-65 120-160 160-170
H850 30-45 155-225 125-155 120-135 170-185
H880 20-35 85-135 55-70 135-160 175-185

Characteristics of each grade

  • H750 : Smaller diameter sphere that is suited for applications that require excellent surface finish after expansion.
  • H850 : High expansion ratio sphere that offer aggressive density reduction.
  • H880 : Engineered to provide both surface finish control and density reduction.

Thermomechanical Analysis : H series

※ Expansion ratio is calculated by measurement value of thermal mechanical analysis and expanded

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