Thermo expandable microcapsulesKUREHA Microsphere

KUREHA Microsphere H1100-S

  • H1100-S has unique expansion characteristics.
  • Expansion start temperature (Tstart) drops if exposed to a pre-heating or heat treatment. This allows for maximum expansion performance in process.
  • Recommended pre-heat condition is 2 to 5 minutes between 150-170℃.
  • If used in molding/extrusion the cylinder should provide sufficient temperature.
  • In order to optimize H1100-S, it is recommended to process after heat treatment for maximum performance.
Average particle size before expansion
Average particle size after expansion
Expansion ratio Expansion start temperature (Tstart)
Maximum expansion temperature (Tmax)
Before heat treatment 40-55 - - 170-225 -
After heat treatment 145-210 45-70 145-160 175-195

Heat treatment effect for H1100-S (pre-heating condition : 5 min at 150℃)

Process example of H1100-S

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