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NEW Krewrap

The first household plastic wrap in Japan

Krewrap was the first household-use plastic wrap introduced in Japan. Since its launch in 1960, use of Krewrap has spread as refrigerators and microwaves have became essential household items. In 1989, the packaging was renewed and NEW Krewrap was introduced. Following our basic product concept of offering "the most enjoyable plastic wrap," we have continued to make improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Launched in 1960 as the first household plastic wrap in Japan
  • Kureha's original V-shaped cutter provides a clean cut from the middle
  • Cutting edge plastic can be easily removed for disposal
The difference is in the details: Kureha is continually working to improve NEW Krewrap to achieve 'exciting quality,' adhering to the product concept of 'A plastic wrap that makes cooking enjoyable like never before. Plant-derived plastic cutter is easy-to-use and gentle to hands and fingers V-shaped cutter allows for a quick, clean cut from the middle. Polyvinylidene chloride film clings to foods and plates easily and tightly

Contributing to society with NEW Krewrap

Support for the Pink Ribbon Campaign

In appreciation of many long years of support, since 2009 Kureha has donated a portion of NEW Krewrap sales to the Eliminate Breast Cancer Smiles Fund, helping to support a healthy life for the women who are the main users of plastic wrap.

Participation in the Bell Mark Campaign

Since 1996, Kureha has been a sponsor of the Bell Mark Education Support Movement, with the NEW Krewrap packaging carrying the logo of this initiative. The Bell Mark campaign helps to create better educational environments and provides assistance for disaster areas.

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