R&D Strategy

Create groundbreaking materials, and pioneer markets with technology and development prowess

"Niche"&"Global No.1" Continually designing innovative value is 
at the heart of Kureha's corporate DNA

R&D policy

Ever since its founding days, Kureha's spirit has been: "if it doesn’t exist, let's create it." Bringing together knowledge and experience accumulated since our founding, we pursue research and development that generates next-generation value.

Kureha fully utilizes its technologies in organic synthesis, polymer science, carbon characterization, evaluation and analysis, and process engineering to support its existing businesses. with support from its existing businesses. In doing so, and while focusing on future society and fusing its priority research themes of environment, energy, life science and foods, Kureha is actively working to: Extract unexplored growth potential from our existing businesses, including extending current technologies to other applications and generating new products in strength markets. Pioneer new business fields

R&D policy

R&D strategy

Kureha's integration of R&D strategies,business strategies and intellectual property strategies enables continuous enhancement of the efficiency and speed of research and dovelopment.Kureha focuses particularly on: Clarification of business models(concept design) through exploration of customer value Proliferation of research themes through elevated R&D resources and activities. Promotion of open innovation through use of outside resources

R&D strategy

Measures toward further research and development

Kureha, to maintain the pace of innovation and generate valued products, and to identify new research targets with commercial potential, Kureha constantly pursues measures to enhance the activities of the R&D Division.

In-house thesis evaluation system

Enabling self-fulfillment by sharing research results

Kureha has established a corporate culture that provides employees with ample opportunities for self-fulfillment through a process of announcing, proposing, and evaluating research results. Thesis papers that continually advance existing businesses become valuable references that allow researchers to absorb the experience and knowledge of their predecessors, and help to advance research and development.

"Hatched egg" trials

Turning flashes of inspiration into action

Kureha continually generates new research themes through a cycle that involves identifying multiple research themes, gaining extensive amounts of new knowledge, and using the knowledge gained to search for the next round of research themes.

Research exchange meetings

Providing opportunities for technology fusion and networking

Kureha shares the technologies and initiatives of the R&D Division within the company and corporate group in order to promote technology and information exchange, and accelerate research and development.

Overseas study system

Providing opportunities to gain a global perspective and expand knowledge

We encourage our employees to study overseas and deepen their knowledge and abilities in their specialty fields. This in turns helps to grow our businesses, particularly new businesses currently in development, and supports Kureha's future as a global company.

Introduction of the creative thinking method

From idea to innovative thinking

Specialists with expert knowledge use the common language of "design thinking" as a tool to advance their individual fields of specialty.