Kureha's R&D structure comprises a total of five laboratories and technology centers.

Central Research Center

The General Research Center comprises the core functions of Kureha's R&D structure and supports R&D programs at other laboratories. Its activities encompass a broad range, from the creation of advanced materials for use in cutting-edge sectors such as the automotive and electronics industries, to development of processed products utilizing these materials. The Center's advanced analysis and assessment technologies support Kureha's development capabilities, while also helping to forge close ties with customers.

Organic Synthesis Research Laboratories

Operating under the principle of maintaining harmony with the natural environment, Kureha's Organic Synthesis Research Laboratories focus on agricultural fungicides that will improve yields of produce and help advance sustainable agriculture. Our organic synthesis technology is also leveraged in the development of various advanced industrial materials.

Process Innovation Research Laboratories

Kureha is a technology-based company, possessing unique design technologies that enable the creation of products of distinctive originality. The Process Innovation Research Laboratories fully leverage our accumulated core technologies to develop manufacturing processes for new and existing products. Through efficient manufacturing methods and equipment, we continually generate competitive, valued products.

Polymer Processing Research Laboratories

Polymers for packaging are today regarded as essential to everyday life, while advanced polymers continue to drive rapidly evolving industries. Kureha's Polymer Processing Research Laboratories conduct research on various molding techniques to further refine our unique polymers and develop high value-added applications.