KRECA Carbon Fiber

A pioneering pitch-based carbon fiber material incorporating a range of technologies

KRECA is a carbon fiber made from petroleum pitch. In 1970, Kureha became first in the world to successfully develop an industrial manufacturing process for pitch-based carbon fiber. The high purity, fiber flexibility, and broad product lineup has made KRECA highly regarded by industries around the world.


  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, heat resistance, and sliding properties
  • Few impurities and excellent oxidation resistance for long working life
  • Proven performance in a wide range of applications, from insulating material for high temperature furnaces, to compounds for sliding surfaces
  • Comprehensive manufacturing system from petroleum pitch to final product (chopped fiber, felt, insulating material)

KRECA brand products

KRECA Felt Nonwoven fabric made from carbon fiber
KRECA FR Rigid insulating material made from KRECA Felt. Base board and cylindrical shapes can be molded to meet specifications
KRECA Chop Chopped and milled carbon fibers
KRECA Paper/Veil Mat Paper-like form made from KRECA Chop
KRECA Cloth Fabric woven from carbon fibers strand

Characteristics and usages for principal KRECA products


KRECA FR insulating material for high temperature furnaces
KRECA FR insulating material for
high temperature furnaces

The heat resistance and purity of KRECA FR makes it suitable as insulation for inert atmosphere high temperature furnaces.

  • High purity extends life as an insulating material, and prevents contamination
  • Lineup of long-fiber and short-fiber insulation material in a rigid form


Solar panels
Solar panels
  • Furnaces to manufacture silicon ingots (for solar cells or semiconductors)
  • Furnaces to manufacture sapphire ingots or optical fiber
  • Various heat treating furnaces



KRECA Chop is cut or milled fibers in length ranging from 0.1mm to several millimeters that are suitable for compounding with synthetic rubber and various plastics. The material exhibits very low heat distortion under constant pressure while retaining the sliding properties of the base resin.


Disk brake pads
Disk brake pads
  • Disk brake pads
  • Gaskets for gas sealing
  • Seal rings
  • Packing



KRECA Felt, the base material for KRECA FR, is a flexible insulating material used in high temperature furnaces. It is suitable for furnace repair due to its flexibility, and can be patched into damaged spaces inside the furnace.

  • High purity contributes to longer life of insulating material, and prevents contamination
  • Low dust generation minimizes pollutants in the furnace


  • Insulation for various types of heat treating furnaces
  • Repairing the inside of furnaces

Global production and sales network for Kureha carbon products

Kureha has two production plants around the world and sales offices in four countries. Our robust global supply structure is well placed to meet growing demand for Kureha carbon products.

Global structure

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