From Specialty Company to

“Excellent Company”

Kureha’s aspiration is to be a leading global specialty products company, strategically incorporating advanced R&D capabilities and production. We strive to constantly evolve by pushing boundaries in innovation, and by delivering products of world-leading quality that benefit society and the world. This is our Mission-we call it the Pursuit of Excellence.

‘Kureha’s challenge’ is a keyword defining our mid-term business strategy.
Learn more about our challenge— in creating new businesses and expanding growth businesses— as illustrated from three angles: ‘Progress and Growth’, ‘People and Society’ and ‘Transformation and Creation’.

  • Progress and Growth
    Progress and Growth

    Introduce existing business expansion and propose utilization of current products.

  • People and Society
    People and Society

    Introduce activities for environment, people, local society and cultures.

  • Transformation and Creation
    Transformation and Creation

    Introduce new business and growth strategy in application, technology and regions.

The growing presence of Kureha's PGA frac plugs in the rapidly changing energy market

The PGA business is a key growth driver in Kureha's Challenge 2020. Here take a look at how PGA is growing in the U.S. shale oil market. Only a few short years ago, this business area was totally new to us. Now, our innovation is making a real difference to customers on the ground.



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