Thermo expandable microcapsulesKUREHA Microsphere

  • What are forms and state of KUREHA Microsphere?

    The following are available.
    1) Wet cake (Solid content is about 70~80%)
    2) Dry powder (Solid content is above 95%)
    3) Masterbatch (Pellet)
    Availability varies by grade and form, contact us for details.

  • What are the characteristics of each form or state?

    1) Wet cake

    High moisture content, easy to disperse into neat form with no dust. In addition, wet cake allows for easy mixing into mating products that also contain water.

    2) Dry powder

    For processes where water is not suitable.  (powder blend, compound, etc.).

    3) Masterbatch

    Easier to handle than dry neat. Masterbatch offers excellent dispersibility compared to neat for injection and extrusion of engineered plastics and elastomers. 

  • General handling recommendations for working with KUREHA Microsphere.

    When using dry/neat powder, it is advised to avoid dust formation and to manage working environment.
    Volatile matter or decomposed products may be released during processing under high temperature conditions.
    KUREHA strongly recommends the product always be handled in well-ventilated working areas.
    Kureha strongly recommends consulting the Safety Data Sheet prior to processing.
    Please use inquiry by form to request Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

  • Do I need special equipment for foam molding?

    KUREHA Microsphere can be processed with standard injection or extrusion molding machines.
    When used in injection molding, KUREHA recommends the attachment of a shut-off nozzle to prevent resin drip. 

  • How do I select a grade for molding thermoplastics?

    Grade choice should be based first on the molding temperature of base resin.
    If molding temperature is higher than 190℃, we recommend S grade.
    If molding temperature is under 190℃, we recommend H grade.
    Please refer to "Available KUREHA Microsphere grades" on this web site in detail.

  • How do I select a grade for molding thermosets?

    Select the appropriate grade based on process temperature.
    Foaming in thermosets must take place before cross-linking (vulcanization).

  • Does KUREHA offer pre-expanded microspheres?

    No, Kureha only offers unexpanded microspheres for in-situ expansion.

  • Can KUREHA microsphere be used in medical and food applications?

    KUREHA Microsphere is not designed for use in either food or medical (blood and body contact) applications.
    Please check safety regulations and legal status at development process for above applications.

If you have any other questions or sample request, please feel free to contact through inquiry by form.

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