Prevention of Air Pollution

Fully recognizing the impacts that atmospheric emissions from our production sites can have on the environment and on local communities, the Kureha Group continually strives to minimize these as an ongoing material issue.
Most of Kureha's atmospheric emissions come from our main production site, the Iwaki Factory. The emissions of air pollutants at Iwaki Factory, such as sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), were kept under a level set voluntarily by Kureha and agreed upon by local authorities as well as the emission standards set based on the Air Pollution Control Act.
In February 2022, the factory renewed a pollution control agreement with Iwaki City and set stricter limits on the emission of SOx, NOx, and soot and dust. The factory continues to operate well within those values.

Goals and Vision

  • Monitor and reduce air pollutants.

Fiscal Year 2022 Plan

  • Maintain, manage, and stably operate chemical substance and odor emission control equipment.

Fiscal 2022 Performance and Outcomes

  • SOx emissions: 4 tons; NOx emissions: 413 tons; soot and dust emissions: 5 tons.
  • Substances covered by the PRTR system: 30 tons of emissions; 487 tons of transfer.
  • Odor complaints: 2; noise complaints: 1.

Measurements from Soot- and Smoke-Generating Facilities Based on the Pollution Control Agreement with Iwaki City