Environmental Accounting

Kureha seeks to carry out efficient, effective environmental conservation measures. In our environmental accounting for fiscal 2022, we tabulated item-by-item costs and capital investments related to environmental conservation within our business activities and summarized these along with the content and effects of major initiatives, with reference to "Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005" issued by the Ministry of the Environment. We view environmental accounting information as an effective means of helping people understand and evaluate the state of our initiatives aimed at environmental conservation.

(Unit: million yen)
Category Cost Investment amount Content and effects of major initiatives
Business area costs 2,625 1,106
1,189 1,065
  • There were no pollution problems involving air pollution, water pollution, etc.
  • Implemented pollution prevention measures involving air, water quality, odor, reduction of chemical substance emissions, etc.
  • Made efforts to rReduced emissions of chemical substances subject to the PRTR system, but emissions increased by approximately 10 tons from the previous fiscal year
  • Continued measurements for the purpose of environmental impact monitoring
conservation cost
330 19
  • Implemented energy-saving measures (adoption of energy-saving equipment, proper management of air conditioning, etc.)
  • Established months for emphasizing energy conservation in summer and winter, and conducted compliance patrols and continued energy audits
  • Continued operation of solar power generation equipment
1,106 22
  • Due to the effect of efforts to improve the recycling rate, the volume of waste generated and the volume of final disposal decreased from the previous fiscal year, and the recycling rate increased from the previous fiscal year
Upstream / downstream costs 4 -
  • Complied with the Containers and Packaging recycling Law
Administration costs 66 -
  • Continued operation of our ISO 14001-based environmental management system
  • Supported the RC activities of Kureha Group companies
  • Continued greening of areas within business sites
R&D costs 2,011 -
  • Conducted research on environmentally considerate automotive battery materials
  • Conducted research and development on biodegradable materials
  • Conducted research and development on new processes for energy conservation and waste reduction
Social activity costs 8 -
  • Held CSR Local Dialogue Meetings in written format and made individual visits (community organizations, government bodies, and companies)
  • Continued participation in community environmental conservation activities (Iwaki Factory, Ibaraki and Kaibara districts of the Plastics Processing Factory)
Total 4,714 1,106
  • -Scope of aggregation: Kureha Corporation
  • -Target period: April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023