Intellectual Property

Basic Policy for our Intellectual Property Strategy

We have established the following basic policy to acquire and use intellectual property rights that contribute to our business, and are proceeding with intellectual property activities:

  1. Create and promote an intellectual property strategy to support business planning
  2. Acquire rights to the results of intellectual production activities and effectively use the rights, and eliminate obstacles to and provide information for the intellectual property rights of others
  3. Support for the intellectual property rights of the Kureha Group

Intellectual Property Activities

Our main intellectual property activities are as follows:

  • We are actively applying for patents for and acquiring rights on the results of our research and development, and building a strong and extensive patent network to secure business superiority.
  • We strive to prevent infringement of the intellectual property rights of others by performing regular clearance searches for each product and product in development.
  • We promote research and development by providing timely and useful technical information through technology trend surveys.
  • Costs related to intellectual property rights for each product are discussed annually and budgeted for according to the business plan by the research department, business department, and intellectual property department.