Driving Innovation and Reform
with a P (passion), S (speed),
C (commitment) Mindset.

"Kureha's Challenge 2018" MidTerm Management Plan

The Kureha Group’s main business areas are "the environment," "energy," and "quality of life (medicine, food)." We are focused on making fiscal 2016 to 2018, the period of the new mid-term management plan, "Kureha's Challenge 2018," a period to lay the foundation for Kureha's future expansion. This will involve improving existing business competitiveness and profitability, achieving polyglycolic acid (PGA) business growth, and seeking out new business themes in our business areas.

Fiscal 2016 sales revenue was 132.3 billion yen with operating income of 9.3 billion yen. Fiscal 2018 targets are sales revenue of 160.0 billion yen and operating income of 14.0 billion yen. Carrying out CSR management and strengthening our business base are key management objectives we will pursue as we aim to be a high value-added enterprise that continues to contribute to society.

Promoting CSR Management

I believe that society gives life to corporations, and the company needed by society will continue to prosper. This is why I work to strengthen our CSR management. To this end, in fiscal 2016 we identified CSR material issues and put together the CSR Master Plan, which categorizes them as being related to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Responsible Care activities are important when manufacturing products as a chemicals company. Under the slogan "prioritize safety above all else," all workers at all of our manufacturing sites work to maintain and improve safety.

The Employees Shine-up Project was launched in May 2015, and I have received reports of greater communication and improved human resource systems. These reports have spurred a renewed determination in me to take a "P (passion), S (speed), and C (commitment)" mindset to making our company shine together with all employees.

A harmonious existence with communities is a major pillar of our CSR approach. One member of the Kureha Group, Kureha General Hospital provides support for better health and peace of mind to community residents. And through the operations of Sunshine Kureha, a special-purpose subsidiary that was established in 2014 and that employs people with disabilities, we help those with disabilities achieve independence and participate in society.

In order to survive into the future as a company which contributes to society, Kureha must create an image of what it should be in the future, make bold changes, and make it reality. This future image must be created from a clean slate and free from conventional thinking. I want to make Kureha a highly productive company through innovative cost reductions and operational efficiency which allow a work-life balance, and so on.

As one of Kureha's leaders, I see my primary responsibility as achieving stable profits no matter the business conditions, while at the same time making our employees happy. To achieve this, I hope to act as a model for others with a focus on staying reform-minded and innovation-minded, maintaining a sense of urgency.

November 2017

President & Chief Exective Officer y.kobayashi