As for household products, we created our Customer Support Policy in accordance with the Quality management 'Customer satisfaction' Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations (ISO 10002/JIS Q 10002). We rely on this policy not only for consistent customer service, but also continual improvement of customer service and customer satisfaction. We have also introduced an information management system called the Customer Feedback Flow System in order to promptly and appropriately respond to customer information and complaints about products and reflect them in new product development.

Basic Policy for Customer Satisfaction

Here at Kureha, each one of us takes our customer feedback seriously, setting and steadily achieving goals which help us provide products that bring maximum customer satisfaction.

Behavioral Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction

  • We work to provide our customers with safe products they can use with peace of mind.
  • We work to improve the quality of our products and services for maximal customer satisfaction, by sharing their valuable feedback.
  • We take the feedback from our customers seriously, and respond promptly, in good faith, with fair and impartial treatment.
  • We will continue to improve the quality of our products and services by achieving the quality goals we set.
  • We will strictly adhere to relevant legislation and company standards.
  • We will resolutely oppose unreasonable demands.

Customer Service

The complaints and opinions expressed by customers who regularly use our household products are retained and organized after being received by our customer service. We value direct feedback from our customers and have been using the Customer Feedback Flow System since fiscal 2014 to utilize this information to make better products.
We maintain a database of more than 30,000 pieces of information that have been collected to date. Our departments work together and make effective use of this system in resolving and preventing problems, revising products, and developing new products.
We have also operated a traceability system since 2008 for simultaneously tracking production lots and shipment receivers. When a quality problem occurs, we will take quick action and minimize damage.

Customer Service

Product Safety and Quality Assurance

The Group manufactures and sells various materials required by advanced industries, a variety of chemical products that support the foundation of industry, and household products, such as New Krewrap. In providing these products, we always put customer satisfaction first and engage in various activities to ensure that we adhere to our promised quality standards.
We continually review and improve our quality management system, enhance education about quality for employees, and strengthen collaborative activities with partner companies for a higher level of quality assurance. In addition, we have established mechanisms and an in-house examination system to ensure safe and reliable products are delivered to our domestic and overseas customers.

Quality Policy

To provide goods and services that further satisfy our customers, we have established a quality policy, operate according to the international standard ISO 9001 quality management system, and engage in daily management and improvement efforts. We are also strengthening our quality assurance system and promoting and enhancing education about quality.

Kureha's Quality Policy

  1. We will strive to improve the quality of our products and services in order to further satisfy the customer.
  2. We will work to provide customers with safe products that they can feel good about using.
  3. We will focus on safety and disaster prevention while endeavoring to achieve stable product supply.

April 1, 2021

President & Chief Executive Officer
KUREHA CORPORATION                

Quality Management System

Kureha acquired ISO 9001 certification in fiscal 1995 and transitioned to the ISO 9001-2015 revision in fiscal 2017. Kureha passed its 8th renewal audit in fiscal 2019.
We have developed internal rules in accordance with ISO 9001 for every stage from product design and development to sales, and we work hard operating and making improvements to the appropriate system so that customers can be provided with safe products and feel good about using them.

Kureha’s Quality Management System

Safety Examinations

We follow established internal rules regarding safety examinations to ensure compliance and safety. Since we offer a wide range of products from household items to industrial products, we check for a variety of factors such as field of use, target customers, and methods of manufacturing, quality control, transportation, and use. We also put ourselves in the customer's shoes while examining SDS, labels, product catalogs, and other provided information in order to provide safe, reliable products both inside and outside of the company.

Safety Evaluations

Kureha's Safety Research Center gathers up-to-date information on and conducts proper evaluations of regulations, tests, and assessment methods concerning the many chemical substances used in the materials and products we develop and how these can harm human health and the environment.
The center has been reporting to the R&D Division since fiscal 2019 and relocated to a new facility in October 2020. By coordinating even more closely with the R&D Division and focusing on safety from early in development, it will contribute to the development of even safer products.